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African American History

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Use these tips and search examples to find resources in Library databases:

Connect keywords with AND to narrow your search.

Use author's last name only. Make a note of the correct spelling of keywords.

Put quotation marks around titles that contain more than one word.

  • "African American" AND "academic excellence" and environment
  • ("African American" OR Blacks) AND "health care" AND religion
  • "Dorothy Cotton" AND "civil rights" AND literacy
  • Toni Morrison AND Recitatif
  • "Black Arts Movement" AND "art history"
  • slavery AND reparations AND American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS)

Connect keywords with OR broaden your search.

  • (African American OR Blacks) AND (civil rights OR civil rights movement OR Black Freedom Movement)
  • (Blacks OR Negro) AND (Religious OR Spiritual)
  • (African American Men OR African American Male) and health and (Tuskegee Experiment OR Tuskegee Syphilis Study)
  • (African American OR Blacks OR Negros) AND "hip hop" AND culture
  • (African American History OR Black History) AND (academic excellence AND education reform)
  • (social justice OR civil rights) AND history AND BIPOC

Or, look for limiters on your search results screen to help focus in on what you want.