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The State and Our State magazine covers

The State Library of North Carolina provides digital access to past issues of Our State magazine. You can browse full issues from when it was first published in 1933, as The State, all the way up through 2020. The most recent issues are available in print at PCC Library. 

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profile-icon Angela Davis

Flashcards, Tutorials, Test Prep, Practice Tests, Licensure Exams

PCC instructors can now provide easier online access to high school, continuing education, or other types of students in their areas needing to study and prepare for things like the GED, TEAS, HiSET, ACCUPLACER, EMT, CDL, ASVAB, CLEP, ACT, SAT, NCLEX-RN . . . and so many more.

The Library can provide you with a custom link (or set of links) that you can pass along to your students, leading them to the exact tutorial, practice test, etc. that you want them to complete with fewer steps.

For example . . .

Students in a Pharmacy Technician class through Con Ed, can be sent a custom link (or set of links) from their instructor that allows them to directly access very specific modules. The student clicks the link and is taken directly to the login page for a specific practice test, tutorial, learning center, etc.

How is this better?

The custom links remove the extra steps of having to click the database link, login through the proxy via myPittCC (or with a generic proxy username/password), then spend time searching the database and sifting through the various results to find the exact test or tutorial that they need. 

Why create an account?

Personal accounts make it so you can save your progress and return to finish later. The first step is to click "Sign In or Register to Begin." To create an account, enter a valid e-mail address and create a password. A student ID and course number are NOT required and the e-mail does not have to be one from PCC. Next time, just sign in and pick up where you left off.

Try it! ExCPT Test Login Page

Here are just a few examples of custom links that do not require you to login via the usual Library Online Database Access page, so that you can see how it works. 

There are literally thousands of individual tests, tutorials, study materials, and learning centers for which we can provide custom links. To see what's available, click the PrepSTEP link below, and when prompted, login to myPittCC. Create your own personal account to take tests, access tutorials, etc. 

  • Login Required for Off-Campus Access
  • NC LIVE Resource

Provides access to both LearningExpress and PrepSTEP. Includes practice for the TEAS test, ACT, SAT, NCLEX-RN, licensing exams, developmental math and reading skills, basic computer skills, workplace skills, and more.

What's next?

We can create the links for you, or we can show you how to do it on your own. Contact Angela Davis (asdavis688@my.pittcc.edu) to get started. 

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