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PSY 241: Cahoon

Background Information

Search Examples

  • (funerary OR death OR burial)
  • "burial grounds"
  • Africa AND (death OR burial)
  • Jewish AND (death OR burial OR funeral)

World History Search Box Example

Search Tips

You will get a list of many different types of resources.

To get background information, click to view the results in the Reference section.

Click the Reference link.

How to Focus Your Results

You can also scale down the list of results by using a filter.

  1. Under FILTER YOUR RESULTS, click Subjects.
  2. Scroll through the list and click a topic that interests you.
  3. The results left in your list will include the words funerary OR death OR burial, but will be focused on the subject area you chose.

Filter your search results by Subject.

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Summon Search

Advanced Search Options  |  Summon Help

Search Tips and Examples:

Use the following examples as a guide for what to type in the Summon search box:

  • "funerary customs​"
  • "funeral customs"
  • "death rites"
  • "burial customs"
  • "burial ceremonies"

Combine terms with AND or OR:

  • death AND rituals AND China
  • Tibet AND (death OR funerals OR burial)
  • Tibet AND (sky OR celestial) AND burial​
  • (Toraja* OR Toradja*) AND (mourning OR death)
  • Ghana AND (funerary OR burial OR cremation)

Once you have a list of results, use the options in the side bar to refine your results by date, type of resource, subject, etc.

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