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PSY 241: Cahoon

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Search Tips and Examples


Try more than one word or phrase.

  • "gender identity"
  • "gender role"
  • transgender
  • sex differences"
  • "sexual orientation"
  • androphilia

Combine terms and phrases with AND or OR.

  • "social structure" AND women
  • "sexual orientation" OR "gender identity"

Combine terms or phrases with the country name.

  • India AND "gender role"
  • Kenya AND women AND "social structure"
  • Samoa AND ("gender identity" OR "sexual orientation")

Use an asterisk to find multiple forms of a word.

  • Samoa* will find Samoa, Samoan, Samoans, etc.

Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase.

  • "gender role"
  • "sexual orientation"
  • "human rights"

Search Subject Databases

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Search Examples

  • "human rights" "sexual orientation" India
  • Samoa "third gender"
  • Kenya "gender roles" family
Google Book Search

Search Examples

  • gender roles India
  • Kenya women family roles
  • Samoa gender culture stereotypes

If the full text of a book is not available online, order it through interlibrary loan. This is a free service provided by PCC Library. Just complete the interlibrary loan form.

Google Scholar Search

If the full text of an article is not available online, order the article through interlibrary loan. DO NOT PAY for it online! In most cases, ordering the article through this service is free! Just complete PCC Library's interlibrary loan form.

When searching for country information on the Internet you might also want to try searching for government websites, regional versions of search engines, and websites with country specific domain extensions.

Domain Extensions

.us = United States
.in = India
.ws = Samoa
.ke = Kenya


How to Search with Country Domain Extensions

Search for Indian websites that mention women and stereotypes:

  • gender women stereotypes India

Search for Samoan websites regarding gender and human rights:

  • "human rights" gender Samoa