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Find Children's Books: Animals

Location: 1st Floor, Everett Building

The lists of books presented in this guide are not comprehensive. Ask a librarian if you need help searching for more children's books!

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NOTE: There are over 200 children's books in our collection that are about animals or have animals as the main characters. To see a more complete list, click the Animals link.

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Featured Books

BOARDBK = Board Books

Are board books included in this list?
Yes. Board books are listed first, highlighted in gray, and include the letters BOARDBK at the end of the call number.

Where are the board books located?
Board books are located in the same area as the Children's Books, but are shelved separately.

How will I know I've found a board book?
The call number will include BOARDBK at the end.
Example:  BondoR Can BOARDBK

What are board books anyway?
Board books have pages that are glued to heavy cardboard and are meant for use by very young children.