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ENG 112: The Good Earth: Articles

This Research Guide lists library and online resources for finding information related to the book: The Good Earth.

Search for Articles in Library Databases

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There are many themes that flow out of The Good Earth. You may need to search other types of databases in order to find articles on the topic or theme that you have chosen.

ProQuest Databases: How to Narrow the Search Results

On the left side of the results page, there are many options for narrowing the list of results. The options listed below are some of the more commonly used options:

  • Source type: Click Scholarly journals.
  • Document type: Click Articles.
  • Publication date: Adjust the dates, especially if you are looking for very recent information.
  • Subjects: Click More options... to view a list of subject categories associated with the articles found in the results list.

Search Examples

Find articles about the book:

"The Good Earth" AND Buck


Find articles about concepts related to the book:

stereotypes AND "The Good Earth"

China AND stereotypes

beauty AND aesthetics AND China

women AND childbearing AND "rural areas" AND China


Database Search Tips

Join keywords with AND, OR, or NOT: 
legalization AND marijuana
marijuana OR cannabis
marijuana NOT recreational

Put quotation marks around phrases to search for the words side-by-side:
"capital punishment"
"death penalty"

Try different words or phrases:
capital punishment, death penalty, execution

Use an asterisk:
teen* will find teen, teens, teenagers

Check your spelling!

Try more than one database.