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ENG 111: Argument and Assessment Essay Topics

This guide will help with finding resources for the two research essays for ENG 111.

Research Starters

The following library databases include lots of information about the topics for your essays, including background information, articles, essays, etc.

  • To search, click a database link, then enter a search term or phrase or follow the browsing instructions listed.
  • If off campus, you will be prompted to enter your myPittCC username and password.
  • If you need help, ask a librarian!

SIRS Issue Researcher

How to find/browse topics:

  • Scroll down to Browse all Pro/Con Issues
  • Click on a category (such as Communication and Technology)
  • Browse through topics to the right of the category

SIRS Browsing

Newspaper Source Plus

Find opinion pieces on your topics in Newspaper Source Plus by using searches similar to the following:

  • technology addiction
  • work AND identity
  • vocational training

Search for Library Resources

Summon Search

Advanced Search Options  |  Summon Help

Search Examples:

Do not use complete sentences. Break your topic down and only enter the important keywords. 

  • "medical marijuana"
  • smoking AND "risk factors"
  • (marijuana OR cannabis) AND "mental health"
  • baseball AND (doping OR steroids)

Narrow the Results:

Once you have a list of results in Summon, use the search filters to refine your search results:

  • Publication Date: We suggest limiting to the last 5 years or less depending on your topic.
  • Content Type: Choose to view only a certain type of resource at once such as newspapers, e-books, journal articles, etc.
  • Subject: Choose to view resources that fall into a particular subject area.

Web Search

Use similar searches to find information from these search engines, but be sure to specify sites that end with .edu (educational resources) or .gov (government resources) to make sure you find credible and reliable information. For example, the following searches would help you find quality information if you type or paste them in the search box:

  • technology AND addiction
  • job identity