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ACA 090: Gaming Research

Hello fellow researchers! Use this guide to learn more on gaming (traditional and nontraditional), and gaming research.

Welcome to Gaming Research

Welcome to Gaming Research! Please use these resources to help guide you on research journey. For more assistance, please visit the library to speak with a librarian.

If you notice an inactive link, please notify Brittany Champion.

Learning Styles

When creating study games/activities for your peers, keep in mind the various ways that they retain information. You want to develop creative, fun, and educational games that will help them to memorize and process what they need to know.

Suggested games for Visual Learners:



Comics & Cards

Word Puzzles

Draw & Pictionary

Graphic Organizers

Illustrated Reading

Suggested games for Tactile/Kinesthetic Learners:


Fly Swat


Simon Says

Suggested games for Auditory Learners:

Create videos/theme songs

Call out themes or subject

Put your study phrases in poem and recite your work with others

Telephone game