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HUM 115: Critical Thinking

Resources for completing HUM 115 Critical Thinking assignments.

Database Search Tips

Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase: 

  • “atomic bomb”      
  • “logical fallacy”   
  • “Martin Luther King”

Use an asterisk to search for multiple forms of a word:

  • teen* will find teen, teens, teenager, teenagers, etc.

Use AND or OR to connect search terms and phrases:

  • “atomic bomb” AND Hiroshima
  • "logical fallacies" AND advertising
  • (interview OR biography) AND "Martin Luther King"

Narrow your search results using the tools provided by the database:

  • Source type: Scholarly, Magazines, Newspapers, Trade
  • Publication date: A good rule of thumb for current topics is limiting to the past 5 years.
  • Subject terms: Look for words or phrases related to your topic. Search again with new words/phrases.