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Pitt Reads! 2020 Reading Challenge

Read books in 10 out of 12 categories during 2020.

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Book Categories

To complete the challenge, read books that fit into at least 10 of the 12 categories by the end of the Fall semester (December 2020). One book can cover up to two categories, making it possible to complete the challenge by reading only 5 books!

Read a book . . .

  1. of short stories or poems

  2. from a nationally recognized book list (NYTimes Bestsellers, The Great American Read, etc.)

  3. that has won an award

  4. about nature or the great outdoors

  5. that is part of a series

  6. that has been translated into English from another language OR a book in a language other than English

  7. that is about or takes place in another country or culture that is very different from your own

  8. by an author from North Carolina OR whose setting takes place in North Carolina

  9. related to religion or spirituality

  10. that is a course textbook (the whole thing - cover to cover!)

  11. that is controversial, either currently or at some point in history

  12. suggested to you by a PCC librarian or that was mentioned on the PCC Library Facebook page or blog, or featured on a PCC Library book display


  1. How do I participate in the reading challenge?
    Just start reading! You don’t have to sign up and you can start at any point during the year. You’ll need to finish reading books that fit into at least 10 of the 12 categories listed by the end of the Fall semester (December 2020) to complete the challenge.
  2. What types of books count?
    Hardcover, paperback, e-books, audiobooks, graphic novels, comic books, library books, books you own, books you’ve borrowed - ALL books count! You just need to have read them during 2020. We will not judge any reading levels - books are books and we just want you to read! 
  3. Can I count a book for multiple categories?
    Yes! One book can count for up to two categories. So, it’s possible to complete the challenge by only reading a total of 5 books.
  4. How do I win the challenge? (What do I win?)
    To win and complete the challenge, finish books that fit into at least 10 of the 12 categories. Fill out this paper form (or the online form found on the library blog) and submit it to the Library, and you’re considered a winner!  In December, we’ll have bookish prizes available for those who completed the challenge. Keep your eyes on the PCC Library Blog and Facebook page for updates, book recommendations, winner pics, etc.
  5. Do the books have to be from PCC Library?
    No, but we will be glad to help you find something. Just ask a librarian!