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Polysomnography Journal Article Review: Medical Databases

Databases with Scholarly Articles

Make sure that you . . .

Check the date of the article.

Check to make sure the article is from a scholarly or peer reviewed journal.

Search Examples


polysomnography AND diagnosis

neuro* AND sleep

"sleep disorders" AND children

"sleep deprivation" AND psychology

insomnia AND treatment

"obstructive sleep apnea" AND CPAP

somnambulism OR sleepwalking

somnambulism OR sleepwalking OR parasomnia

(somnambulism OR sleepwalking) AND complications

Database Search Tips

Join keywords with AND, OR, or NOT: 
legalization AND marijuana
marijuana OR cannabis
marijuana NOT recreational

Put quotation marks around phrases to search for the words side-by-side:
"capital punishment"
"death penalty"

Try different words or phrases:
capital punishment, death penalty, execution

Use an asterisk:
teen* will find teen, teens, teenagers

Check your spelling!

Try more than one database.

Off-Campus Access

Paw: Indicates that a password is needed to access the resource from off campus.The username and password to access databases from off campus are similar to what you use to access the PCC portal (myPittCC) and Moodle. The only difference is that you DO NOT include the last part of your email address ( in the username. Generic logins are available to community residents with PCC library cards, and others who are enrolled in or are affiliated with PCC programs and continuing education courses. Have questions? Ask us!