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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Generative AI, ChatGPT, etc.

Research Starters

Important Reminder! 

This topic is rapidly changing and the most up-to-date information will not be found in traditional books or encyclopedias, but rather resources such as newspapers, magazines, websites, and journal articles. 

Opposing Viewpoints Artificial Intelligence Topic Page

Copy and paste this search phrase into the box labeled Search within this publication...

(A.I. OR AI OR "artificial intelligence")

U.S. Newsstream: New York Times Search Page

Research Tips

Digging Deeper

For more in-depth library research, you will need to use the Library's Summon Quick Search or search individual article databases. The search suggestions in the Research Tips section below will help you get started with what to put in the search box whether you are using a library database, Google Scholar, or any internet search tool.

Find Information ABOUT AI, ChatGPT, etc.

Here are a few tips as you work on finding sources and learning more about these tools.  

Keyword Examples

  • generative AI 
  • chatGPT 
  • ("generative AI" OR chatGPT)
  • AI OR "artificial intelligence"
  • "artificial general intelligence"
  • "large language models" OR LLM
  • machine learning 
  • chatbots 
  • prompt engineering 
  • Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) 
  • content moderation 
  • algorithm 
  • AI generated images 
  • AI watermarking  
  • AI generated music 
  • AI generated art 


Narrow this topic by adding keywords such as . . .

  • (ethics OR bias)
  • misinformation
  • plagiarism
  • deepfakes
  • "ghost workers"
  • (law OR legal)
  • (healthcare OR medicine)
  • (business AND employment) 
  • (education OR learning) 


Build search phrases to get targeted results . . .

  • "ghost workers" AND "artificial intelligence" AND ethics
  • prompt engineering AND chatGPT AND (education OR learning)
  • (AI OR "artificial intelligence") AND (ethics OR bias)
  • ("generative AI" OR chatGPT) AND plagiarism AND students