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Sources for career and industry research with an emphasis on identifying issues and trends.

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Use Summon to search many databases all at once.

Type your topic as a keyword or phrase. DO NOT type a complete sentence!

Use AND or OR to combine keywords and phrases:

  • photojournalism AND career
  • welding AND (burns OR injuries)
  • (nursing OR nurses) AND (stress OR burnout)

ā€‹Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase:

  • ā€‹"documentary photography"
  • "code of ethics"
  • "North Carolina"

Once you have a list of results, use the options in the side bar to narrow your search results by date, type of resource, subject, etc.

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Library Catalog Search Examples

  • vocational guidance
  • vocational guidance AND nursing
  • vocational guidance AND construction
  • vocational guidance AND allied health
  • occupations
  • resumes
  • employment

IMPORTANT NOTE! You may need to search for books that are about more than just one specific career. For example, if you are going to be a radiology technician, you may not find a book just on that one career. You may need to look at books that include information on many health careers, in which there could be information listed specifically about radiology technicians.

Library Research Guides

Quickly find sources and research advice on various topics. 


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NOTE: This does not search all of PCC Library's e-book databases.

E-book Databases

Search these databases to find full-text e-books. These are general databases that cover many different topics.

Reference Books

Reference books include dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, and other types of books that you wouldn't really read from cover to cover. The following databases include all sorts of reference books and are great places to start your research. Essays in these databases will typically provide you with background information, or basic facts, about a topic.

Books Online

There are instances where entire books are available for free on the Internet. You will need to be very careful about checking the date of publication as well as investigating the author to make sure the book is suitable for your project.