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Medical Assisting

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Search Tips and Examples:

Use the following examples as a guide for what to type in the Summon search box:

  • "medical assistants"
  • "medical assistants" AND career
  • "medical assistants" AND "patient care"
  • "medical assistants" AND "meaningful use"

Medical Databases

There are many medical databases to choose from. Some databases are very specialized and some are more general.  We've only listed a few here. View the complete list of medical databases for more options and remember to ask us if you need help!

Basic Database Search Tips

Try different keywords.

  • care plan
  • care planning
  • patient care

Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase.

  • "patient care"
  • "certified medical assistant"

Use an asterisk (*) to find multiple forms of a word.

  • teen* will find teen, teens, teenager, teenagers, etc.

Combine keywords and phrases with AND or OR.

AND tells the database you want to find ALL of the words in your search.
OR tells the database that either word will do as long as at least one of them are included in your search results.

  • medical assistants AND innovative care
  • "patient navigator" OR "health navigator"