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OER Courses at PCC

Use this page to see which classes and instructors utilize no cost course materials.

Course Materials

Instructors have many options when it comes to choosing their course materials. Some may choose to use open educational resources (OER), which are freely accessible, openly licensed texts, media, and other digital assets that are useful for teaching, learning, and research. In addition to, or instead of OER, instructors might use a variety of materials in their courses, including materials that they have authored, that are available via library resources, etc. In any case, the courses listed here are those that do not require students to purchase a traditional print textbook. 

*Please note that some courses may require additional lab fees.

Course List

ACA 090 Student Success Strategies

  • Instructors: R. Bush, P. Simonowich, V. Pippen
  • Text: assorted materials provided by the department

BIO 110 Principles of Biology

COM 110 Introduction to Communication

COM 231 Public Speaking

CTS 288 Professional Practices in IT

ENG 241 and 242 British Literature I and II

  • Instructor: M. Hasty
  • Text: assorted materials provided by the department

FRE 111 and 112 Elementary French I and II

HIS 111 World Civilizations I

HIS 112 World Civilizations II

HIS 131 and 132 American History I and II

HSC 110 Orientation to Health Careers

  • Instructors: D. Parker, D. King, T. Rawls, L. Lassiter, T. Purkett, N. Jesmer
  • Text: assorted materials provided by the department

LEX 170 Administrative Law

  • Instructor: C. Young
  • Texts: User-facing agency information published by State and Federal agencies, instructor-authored materials, and publicly accessible databases.

LEX 280 Ethics and Professional Responsibility

  • Instructor: C. Young
  • Texts: Official rules, comments, and opinions published by the North Carolina State Bar and other law-related agencies as well as instructor-authored materials. 

POL 120 American Government

PSY 150 General Psychology

  • Instructors: B. Cathey, J. Addison, J. Cahoon, L. Civils, L. Gaither, M. Sweigart, S. Oates, P. Adams
  • Text: Psychology (OpenStax)

PSY 241 Developmental Psychology

PSY 281 Abnormal Psychology

SOC 210 Introduction to Sociology

SOC 225 Social Diversity

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