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Use Summon to search across many library databases at once.

Basic Filters


Once you have a list of results in Summon, use the search filters to make your list of results more manageable. 

  • Full Text Online: View only things that include all of the text.
  • Content Type: Choose the type(s) of resources you want to view.
  • Publication Date: When in doubt, choose Last 5 years. You can also set a custom date range.
  • More . . .: Click to view more options.

Viewing & Accessing Resources

  • Preview: Click the Preview link to view an abstract, subject terms, etc.
  • Article title: Click the article title to view, cite, e-mail, print, download, etc.

Summon results page


After clicking More..., you will see an additional column that lists all of the options available.

  • Click a check mark to include a set of items.
  • Click an X to exclude a set of items.
  • You can choose to include or exclude as many sets of items as you wish.
  • When finished, click the Apply button at the top of the column.

More options

More Filters

Discipline & Subject

You can further refine your results by limiting to the discipline or subject areas covered by the articles. Click More... to see a complete list of the options available. 

Summon refine search options: discipline and subject