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Find Articles: Print Periodicals

A guide to finding articles in journals, magazines, and newspapers.

A periodical is anything that is published periodically such as once a week, once a month, twice a year, etc. We typically think of periodicals as being magazines, newspapers, and journals.

Print Magazines & Journals

The Library subscribes to a variety of magazines and journals. For most of these, the current year's issues are out on display while a limited number of previous years are kept in storage. Ask a library staff member about getting issues that are kept in storage.

Periodicals (magazines, journals, and newspapers) cannot be checked out. However, the Library does provide photocopiers and scanners.

Collage of various magazines covers.

Print Newspapers

The following newspapers are located on the 2nd floor:

Daily Reflector (Greenville)

Farmville Enterprise

Martin County Enterprise & Weekly Herald

Standard Laconic (Greene County)

Times-Leader (Ayden, Grifton, Winterville)

Washington Daily News (Washington, NC)

USA Today

Search for Print Periodicals at PCC Library

To find out if the library carries a print subscription to a particular journal, magazine, or newspaper, use the library catalog to perform a periodical title search.

Type the title of a journal, magazine, or newspaper. Choose "periodical title" fromthe drop-down menu. Click search.

1. Click the PCC Library Catalog link.

2. Type the title of a journal, magazine, or newspaper in the search box.

3. Choose "periodical title" from the drop-down menu.

4. Click the Search button.

If the title you searched is available, you will see a page with information about that particular periodical.

In the example below, the title of the magazine is Ebony. Further down on the page you will see a section that shows what print issues are available. This will usually be expressed as "current year's issues on display; previous 2 years in storage."

Screen shot of the library catalog showing publication and holdings for the magazined titled Ebony.