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A guide to finding articles in journals, magazines, and newspapers.

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How to Use Summon

  • Type search terms into the search box and click Go.
  • Refine the results list by full-text availability, date, subject, type of resource, etc.
  • View, print, e-mail, or save the results.

General Topic Databases

If Summon gives you too many choices, it may be easier to search an individual database. The databases listed below include articles on many different topics

Subject Databases

Some databases focus on a specific subject area such as business, criminal justice, science, nursing, etc.

  • To see a complete list of the databases that are available, click the Online Databases (A-Z List) link below.
  • Once you have the Online Databases page open, click All Subjects button to see a drop-down list of subjects.
  • Click a subject area to view a list of databases.

Click All Subjects to view databases by subject.

Basic Database Search Tips

Create search phrases:

Do not use complete sentences when searching a library database.

Connect keywords with AND, OR, or NOT:

  • censorship AND internet
  • "death penalty" OR "capital punishment"
  • elephants NOT African


Use quotation marks to search for complete phrases:

  • "code of ethics"
  • "story of an hour"
  • "stamp act"


Try more than one search:

swine flu, swine influenza, H1N1, etc.


Search for varying forms of a word:

teen* will find: teen, teens, teenager, teenagers, etc.


Check your spelling.


Try more than one database.


Ask a librarian for help!