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ACA 111 & 122: College Success

Resources for assignments and readings in Academic Success (ACA) courses.

Tips for Online Students

Student at laptop computer

Ready, Set . . . Learn Online!

Preparing for online learning is very important as there are many things that are different from learning in a traditional classroom setting. Half of the battle is just getting your mind ready for learning. The following resources include a lot of advice about how to get ready for and be successful in online learning. 

Want to know more? 

Take a look at this free online textbook. It has tons of suggestions and advice!

Find Online Courses

PCC Distance Learning LogoPitt Community College

PCC offers many online classes and degree programs. When searching the class schedule for course sections, look for the following designations:

  1. IN = Internet
    Classes with 100% of their content online are designated as Internet courses and will be indicated by the letters IN.
  2. HY = Hybrid
    Classes where the majority of the instruction takes place online, but may meet at least once or twice in person, are designated as Hybrid courses and are indicated on the class schedule by the letters HY.

VLC Logo

Virtual Learning Community (VLC)

If a course you need or want is not available here at PCC, you may be able to find it offered at another North Carolina community college. Use the search link provided to view available online or hybrid courses offered by the 58 community colleges.