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APA Annotated Bibliography

This guide will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating an annotated bibliography in APA 7th edition format.

Your Topic

Before you can start searching for sources, you must have a topic. Review your assignment carefully to determine a topic that will most closely match what is expected by your instructor. 

Example Assignment:

Find, summarize, and briefly evaluate at least four sources related to society's fascination with the paranormal. It may be helpful to narrow your research to focus on a single aspect of this larger topic, such as paranormal investigations (ghost hunting) or why people believe in the paranormal. Use APA 7th edition to format your annotated bibliography.

line drawing of students searching online resourcesIdentify Keywords:

Trying to figure out what words to type into a database search box is often the most difficult part of research. This is the best time to ask a librarian for advice! 

Choose at least one or two keywords to begin your search. Do not type a complete sentence into a database search box.

  • In the sample topic above, the main concept (keyword) is paranormal.
  • Other keywords could include: investigations, ghost hunting, belief

Search for Sources

Summon Search

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Search Examples

Search examples that go along with our sample topic . . .

  • paranormal
  • paranormal investigations
  • "ghost hunting"
  • paranormal AND beliefs
  • "ghost hunting" AND (technology OR tools OR equipment)

Once you have a list of results, use the options in the side bar to refine your results by date, type of resource, subject, etc.

Need help? Ask!