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APA Annotated Bibliography

This guide will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating an annotated bibliography in APA 7th edition format.



Author(s) of Book. (year of publication). Complete title of book (edition if not 1st). Publisher(s).



Bader, C. D., Baker, J. O., & Mencken, F. C. (2017). Paranormal America: Ghost encounters, UFO sightings, bigfoot hunts, and other curiosities in religion and culture (2nd ed.). New York University Press.


Where do I find . . .?

Click the info icons on the title and copyright pages below to see where in a book you would find the items needed for a citation. E-books found in library databases and print books use the same format.


Check your understanding by answering these review questions. If you get one wrong, read back through the material and try again!