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A.rt R.esources T.ransfer: A.R.T.


PCC Library and the Fine Arts Dept. have received 32 art books through the A.rt R.esources T.ransfer’s Library Program. This program "bridges public institutions, artists, and publishers through the circulation of printed books. It offers topical, high quality books on modern and contemporary art to public institutions, free of charge." Learn more . . .
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Josiah McElheny: A Prism

McElheny is a unique figure among artists of his generation: his primary medium is glass. Over the last 15 years he has created an extraordinary body of work exploring the relationship between art, history, and narrative. 

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Measure of Time

In this study of American art, time and motion are fragmented, mechanized, slowed down and sped up so that the last century flies by. Works range from Joseph Stella's Battle of Lights, Coney Island (1915-18) to Shirley Shor's real-time projection Landslide (2004).

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Louise Fishman

Painting, scraping, repainting, and texturing are all part of Louise Fishman's artistic process. Her resulting works feel at once energetic and orderly, celebratory and reverent. This book accompanies the first-ever museum survey of Fishman's largescale gestural abstractions as well as a concurrent exhibition devoted to the artist's lesser-known work in small-scale painting and sculpture. 

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Anne Truitt: Drawings

This retrospective of Anne Truitt's works on paper spans the four decades of her career, from the early 1960s--when Truitt first developed the totemic sculptures in painted wood for which she is best known--to the last years of her life. Many of the drawings are reproduced here for the first time, and cover the full range of her drawing techniques, from graphite, ink and pastel to acrylic on paper. 

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The Return of the Cadavre Exquis

First viewed at The Drawing Center in 1993. This was the long-awaited result of a proposal brought to fruition by independent curator Ingrid Schaffer, with artists Kim Jones and Leonard Titzer. Inspired by the studio cadavre exquis collaborations of Jones and Titzer, Ms. Schaffer envisioned this surrealist parlor game as the focus of an exhibition project engaging a large and diverse group of contemporary artists.

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Art: 21

This companion to a public television series on the contemporary visual arts introduces some of the most interesting artists working in America. In four sections -- on Identity, Place, Consumption, and Spirituality -- the authors explore such provocative issues as how artists address sexual or racial identity in their work, and how creativity is affected by changing notions of place in today's era of transnationalism and cyberspace. 

Ben Patterson: In the State of Fluxus

Performing and visual artist Ben Patterson (born 1934) was a founding member of Fluxus' participatory, do-it-yourself, anticommercialist avant-garde network. While many Fluxus artists, influenced by John Cage's precedent, employed conceptual techniques borrowed from music (e.g., the event score), Patterson's fusion of art and music was informed by his background as a classically trained double-bassist.

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Full of Grace

Full of Grace chronicles the evolution of the child in society through the past one hundred fifty years of photography. With illustrative text throughout, societal roles and conceptions of the child worldwide are explored through the works of master photographers. 

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Ed Ruscha: Industrial Strength

Ed Ruscha: Industrial Strength was published on the occasion of the artist's completion of "Industrial Strength Sleep," a 23-foot by 9-foot tapestry created at The Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia and based on his 1989 painting of the same name. 

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Felix Gonzalez-Torres: Photostats

Felix Gonzalez-Torres' text reveries on the intersections of the historical and the personal, gathered for the first time in this elegant clothbound volume Felix Gonzalez-Torres (1957-96) is one of the most significant artists to have emerged in the 1980s. 

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Karen Green: Frail Sister

From the author of Bough Down, a found, collaged and lovingly amended inquiry into how women disappear. Artist and writer Karen Green's second book originated in a search for a woman who had vanished: her Aunt Constance whom Green knew only from a few family photos and keepsakes. In her absence, Green has constructed an elliptical arrangement of artifacts from an untold life. 

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Kienholz: Tableau Drawings

Drawings are conventionally thought of as handmade objects, on a flat surface, that can be hung on a wall. The works that Edward Kienholz termed drawings are, like his freestanding sculptures, assemblages of things found ready-made. They appeared as early as 1961, the year in which Kienholz produced the first of the room-sized sculptural tableaux that became synonymous with his name. 

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Liu Ye, Leave me in the Dark

The focus of Leave Me in the Dark is a singular young woman, depicted either reading or embarking on a journey. As in Banned Book 2 (2008), Reading Girl (2008), and Ballet Lesson (2009), she is centrally placed against a saturated and mostly monochromatic background comprised of shades of grey, slate blue and black. 

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Song Poems (Book and 3 CDs)

For Song Poems, Steven Hull solicited lyrics from 27 different writers and artists, got musicians to turn them into songs, and then got people to turn those songs into videos, posters, and album covers. There are 42 songs in all, based on 30 lyrics, a video for each song, as well as a poster and/or an album cover. All together, over 250 people contributed to Song Poems.
View the Song List and Artists at

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The Spectacular of Vernacular

The Spectacular of Vernacular addresses the role of vernacular forms in the work of 26 artists who utilize craft, folklore, and roadside kitsch to explore the role of culturally specific iconography in the increasingly global world of art. Drawing inspiration from such sources as local architecture, amateur photographs, and state fair banners, their work runs the spectrum from the sleek to the handcrafted.

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Vincent Sardon: the Stampographer

The Stampographer traverses the fantastic, anarchic imagination of Parisian artist Vincent Sardon (born 1970), whose dark, combative sense of humor is infused with Dadaist subversion and Pataphysical play. Using rubber stamps he designs and manufactures himself, Sardon commandeers a medium often associated with petty and idiotic displays of bureaucratic power, then uses those stamps not to assert authority, but to refuse it.

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ART Activity

View, Play, & Create

9 a.m. - 12 noon
Wednesday, November 1, 2023
PCC Library, Everett Building, 1st floor

Come and spend some time with the new A.R.T books and learn about other arts and humanities resources provided by PCC Library. Browse, read, relax, and be inspired! The books will be prominently displayed on the 1st floor of the Library on Wednesday, November 1st.

Feeling inspired? Try your hand at creating a piece of art as a collaborative group project. 

Let's Play Exquisite Corpse

"A game in which each participant takes turns writing or drawing on a sheet of paper, folding it to conceal his or her contribution, and then passing it to the next player for a further contribution. The game gained popularity in artistic circles during the 1920s when it was adopted as a technique by artists of the Surrealist movement to generate collaborative compositions."  MoMA

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October: National Arts & Humanities Month

Even though October is almost over, any time is a great time to celebrate the arts and humanities! How? Learn something new, attend a concert or art gallery, or create something!

What are the humanities?

The humanities include the studies of foreign languages, history, philosophy, language arts (literature, writing, oratory, rhetoric, poetry, etc.), performing arts (theater, music, dance, etc.), and visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography, filmmaking, etc.).

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Here are a few examples of humanities-related research guides created by PCC Librarians to help you find resources.