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Dental Assisting

Access STAT!Ref

User Limits

Unfortunately, we do not have unlimited access to the titles in STAT!Ref. If too many people try to access the same book all at once, you will see a message that states, "This title has reached its user limit for your subscription. Please try again later."

Search by Topic

  • Enter your keyword(s), then from the results page, filter by Dentistry.
  • The results will include a list of chapter titles from dental books that include your keyword(s).
  • Click the hyperlinked chapter title to start reading. 



View a List of Books

  1. From the database homepage, choose STAT!Ref.
  2. Use the drop-down menu to change All Titles to Dentistry.
  3. Click a hyperlinked book title to open and view the book.
  4. Remember that user limits may prevent you from having immediate access.