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HUM 120: Indonesian Life and Culture (Temple)


Food Culture: Daily Meals - Breakfast: Breakfast often consists of warm rice porridge, or rice with dinner leftovers. Porridge is served in a savory style with soy sauce, chicken, peanuts, and bubur ayam (crackers), or in a sweet style, with mung beans, brown sugar, and bubur kacang ijo (coconut milk).

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Celebrating Life Customs Around the World

This is an excellent resource to learn about Indonesian life customs. Learn about . . .

  • Living with the Dead (Tana Toraja people of South Sulawesi, Indonesia):

    • "During this time the family live with the corpse, referring to it as though their relative were ill rather than dead. The family even goes so far as to serve the corpse three meals each day. The custom of living with the dead can continue for months or even years."
  • Nyabutan Ceremony (Bali, Indonesia):

    • "From the moment a baby is born in Bali, his or her feet are not supposed to touch the ground for 105 days...babies must be carried as the ground is considered dirty and impure and so contact with the ground would contaminate a baby’s soul."

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