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HUM 120: Indonesian Life and Culture (Temple)

Images and Copyright

Man looking at a computer screen

Before using an image or other type of media, make sure you investigate its copyright restrictions or other terms of use. Basically, you need to find out if it is OK to use the image, video, etc. as part of your project.

If you have questions about finding, using, or citing images in your project, ask a librarian!

Man on a rickshaw

Rickshaw Cycle

Photo by Fikri Rasyid on Unsplash

temple on the waterfront with mountains in the background

Balinese Temple

Photo by Mahmud Ahsan on Unsplash

green fields on a mountainside

Terraced Fields

Photo by Nuril Ahsan on Unsplash

flag waving in the air; colors are one red and one white stripe

Indonesian Flag

Photo by Nick Agus Arya on Unsplash

Volcano ash cloud

Mount Sinabung

Photo by Yosh Ginsu on Unsplash

barbecued meat on a stick

Street Food in Bandung City, West Java

Photo by Nita Anggraeni Goenawan on Unsplash

Search for Images

Image from the Letter of Dumar Wulan

Search examples might include things such as the name of a city, region, ethnic group, religion, artist, type of music, food, etc.

The image featured here is from the World Digital Library and is from the Letter of Dumar Wulan, which is an Indonesian manuscript held by The British Library.