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Literary Criticism

This Research Guide lists library and online resources related to finding literary criticism.

Literature Databases

These literature databases contain critical articles (literary criticism) on specific works:

General Databases

These databases contain some critical articles (literary criticism), as well as non-critical articles related to your author or specific work:

These databases contain articles from online reference works, and can be useful for finding biographical/overview information on your author, a literary genre, a specific time period/historical event, or a definition of a literary term. These are not likely to contain critical articles (literary criticism):

E-book Databases

These databases contain e-books (searchable online versions of print books) that may contain literary criticism on specific works, or biographical/overview information on your author:

Google Books

If you are not finding literary criticism on a specific work in the Library databases, try searching for online versions of critical books:

Google Book Search

How much of the actual book you will be able to see online will vary from book to book.