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OTA 240: Global Research Project (Dawson)

What to Look For

For these particular projects, you should look for:

  • professional organizations or associations
  • reports, books, or articles published by professional organizations or associations
  • statistics from government resources
  • country information via that country's government websites
  • hospitals, clinics, etc. with large OTA programs that might list regulations, education requirements, etc.
  • college and university OTA departmental websites

Search Google

Google Web Search

Search Examples

  • "occupational therapy" "assistive technologies" global
  • "occupational therapy" fieldwork Ghana
  • "occupational therapy" international fieldwork
  • "occupational therapy"
  • "occupational therapy" licensure
Google Book Search

Search Examples

  • disability international
  • "assistive technology"
  • "occupational therapy" cultural issues

If the full text of a book is not available online, order it through interlibrary loan. This is a free service provided by PCC Library. Just complete the interlibrary loan form.

Google Scholar Search

Search Examples

  • "occupational therapy" cultural awareness
  • "occupational therapy" "practice settings" "United States"
  • Japan "occupational therapy" "assistive technology"

If the full text of an article is not available online, order the article through interlibrary loan. In most cases, ordering the article through this service is free! Just complete the interlibrary loan form.

Internet Search Tips

When searching for country information on the Internet you might also want to try searching for government websites, regional versions of search engines, and websites with country specific domain extensions.

Government Websites

Alternative or Regional Search Engines

Domain Extensions


  • .us = United States
  • .ca = Canada
  • .in = India
  • .jp = Japan

OT Organization Websites