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OTA 240: Global Research Project (Dawson)

Publications from a Global Perspective

Use the region-specific databases below to search journals and magazines that are published in various regions and countries across the globe.

Search Examples

You do not have to include a country name in your search phrase when using a regional database.

  • "occupational therapy"
  • "occupational therapy" AND stroke
  • "occupational therapy" AND (gerontology OR geriatric)
  • physical function AND depression
  • "cerebral palsy"
  • "mobility screening"
  • schizophren*

Get Full Text

Many article databases, PubMed, Google Scholar, and others do not always include the full text of an article.

If the full text of the article is not available...

  1. Search Summon to see if the full-text is available, or
  2. Request the article via interlibrary loan.