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CHEM: Pharmaceutical Companies (Chukwu)

Created for ECHS students doing research on pharmaceutical companies.

Important Reminder

Set of black quotation marks.
Instructors are the final authority on how they would like you to cite your work. Librarians will refer to the established handbooks when necessary to determine how to cite a particular resource.

Examples & Tips

Guides from APA's Style Website:

Other Guides:

Company Profiles

The APA citations given for company profiles in Business Market Research Collection are NOT CORRECT! Use the information provided in this section to create a correct citation for a company profile from this database that you use in your project.

Copied Citation - INCORRECT

There are formatting issues to fix and pieces of information to add in order to create a correct citation. 


Pfizer Inc. (2023). (). Fort Mill: Mergent. Retrieved from Business Market Research Collection

CORRECTED Citation - Use this example!


D&B Hoovers (2023). Pfizer Inc. [Company profile]. Business Market Research Collection. Retrieved January 12, 2024, from

Use the graphic below as a quick reference to see where the various pieces of information come from. Keep scrolling for the detailed text of what should be included and in what order.

Screenshot of company profile


Here are the instructions for finding and placing the pieces of information needed, in order, as they should appear in the citation:

  1. Click the Cite button provided by the database to copy the APA citation provided. You can keep the company name, year, and the URL that's provided.
  2. Author of the report as it appears on the report itself:
    • D&B Hoovers
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the next page in the PDF report to get the year. Put it in parentheses followed by a period:
    • (2023).
  4. Company name as listed on the report itself. If the company name does not include a period at the end, then don't include it:
    • Pfizer Inc.
  5. Type of report in brackets followed by a period:
    • [Company profile].
  6. Database title in italics followed by a period:
    • Business Market Research Collection.
  7. Date you found the report and the URL written as a sentence with NO PERIOD at the end:
    • Retrieved January 12, 2024, from