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Anatomy Models on Reserve

3-D anatomy models are available for check out at the service desk on the first floor of the Library. You must present your picture ID and have a current library account to check out models. Models checked out from the Library are not allowed outside of the building.


anatomy models

  • animal cell
  • arm muscles
  • blood cell
  • blood circulation
  • brain
  • cardiopulmonary system, heart, and respiratory organs
  • digestive system
  • ear
  • eye
  • female pelvis bone
  • female pelvis organs
  • head (half)
  • heart
  • kidney
  • kidney section, nephrons, blood vessels, and renal corpuscle
  • leg muscles
  • lung
  • male pelvis organs
  • musculature model
  • nervous system
  • neuron cell body
  • pig
  • skeleton (whole and half; disarticulated; 35" skeleton)
  • skin / burn pathologies
  • skull
  • spinal cord
  • torso (large and small)