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SPA: Learn, Read, and Practice Spanish

Learn how to find Spanish-language materials provided by the Library, as well as online resources that can help non-native Spanish speakers practice their reading skills.

E-books & Audiobooks

The Library provides several databases with e-books, audiobooks, and comics. Although English materials are prominently featured, they do include Spanish-language materials. Below we have listed instructions for individual databases on how to see a list of Spanish-language materials. If you are having trouble locating something, please ask a librarian!

Dogwood Digital

To see a list of Spanish-language books . . .

Once you have opened Dogwood Digital, click Search. Do not type anything in the search box. Instead, click Advanced.


Dogwood Digital: Click Search, then Advanced

On the Advanced Search screen, use the drop-down menu under Languages to select Spanish; Castilian.

Scroll down and click the Search button.


Dogwood Digital: Under Language, choose Spanish


To see Spanish titles in ComicsPlus...

Once you open ComicsPlus, click Categories. Choose a category.

Once the link you've chosen opens, you should see a bar with options allowing you to limit to any of the following: Age, Languages, or Publishers.

Click Languages.

If there are no other languages available in that category, then you will only see English listed as a choice.

ComicsPlus: Choose a category, then click Languages

Ebook Central

Get a list of Spanish-language books . . .

Click Advanced Search. Use the drop-down menu under Language to choose Spanish; Castilian.


Advanced Search for Ebook Central

eBook Collection