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Technology & Society

The resources presented in this guide will help you explore the interactions between various types of technology and society.

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Search Tips!

Do not use complete sentences. Break your topic down and only enter the important keywords. 

Search examples to type (or copy and paste) into the Summon search box:

  • social media AND "cancel culture"
  • algorithms AND bias
  • (technology OR social media) AND (loneliness OR social isolation)
  • internet AND (social OR personal) AND relationships
  • social media AND impact AND culture
  • cybersecurity AND vulnerabilities

Too many results?

Once you have a list of results in Summon, use the search filters to refine your search results:

  • Publication Date: We suggest limiting to the last 3 years for this topic.
  • Content Type: Choose to view only articles from journals or magazines; click to view only e-books.

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The Crash Course video series includes playlists of short videos that explain various aspects of artificial intelligence (AI), digital information, and more.