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Technology & Society

The resources presented in this guide will help you explore the interactions between various types of technology and society.

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Use the resources below to begin your research. Move on through each page of the guide to find more sources for your project. Make sure that you pay attention to the search tips and examples listed. They will help make your research more successful. If you are having trouble finding sources for your assignment, ask a librarian for help.

Research Starters

Best databases for this topic . . .

  1. Read the search tips and examples for each database below.
  2. Click a database link below to start searching for resources.
  3. If you are off campus, you will be prompted to enter your myPittCC username and password in order to search the database. 
  4. Open the database links in a new window so that you can search the database and easily get back to this page with the search tips.

Academic Search Complete

Academic Search Complete results page

Opposing Viewpoints

Gale Search Tips

Search Tips:

  • Type a keyword or phrase into the search box.
    • The database will list suggestions as you type keywords. If something appears in bold, it's letting you know that the database has a subject page already prepared on that topic. Simply click the bold-face suggestion in the drop-down to go directly to the subject page. 
  • NOTE: Subject pages include links to many types of resources on that topic.

If you go to a prepared subject page, such as the one for Technology and Society...

  • Read the overview article first to learn basic information about the topic.
  • Under the section titled, On This Page, click to view different types of resources (articles, viewpoints, reference, etc.) with information about your topic.

Gale Technology and Society Subject Page: Read the Overview then click the links for articles, news, viewpoints, and reference to find more resources.

Points of View Reference Source

  • Click a link for a topic you are interested in researching. 
  • Scroll down the page to view topics arranged by category, or click Show All to see all topics in alphabetical order. 
  • Look for topics such as: 
    • working remotely
    • ethics of algorithms
    • 5G technology
    • hactivism
    • virtual worlds
    • fake news
    • effect of mobile devices on personal relationships
    • ...and more.

Points of View Reference Center homepage

  • Once you've clicked a topic link, read the overview that is provided. It will give you a better understanding of the topic or issue. 
  • The Point and Counterpoint essays provided will give more detailed information on two opposing sides of the issue.
  • Under Related Information, click to see a list of Points of View (opinions), magazine articles, newspaper articles, etc., that are about this topic.
  • Use the tools provided to save, print, and cite the resources find. 
  • The Guide to Critical Analysis will help you think through or plan how to research the topic.

topic page

Online Access

Paw: Indicates that a password is needed to access the resource from off campus.The username and password to access databases is the same as what you use to log in to myPittCC and Moodle. The username is your entire myPittCC email address ( 

Community logins are available to Pitt County residents with PCC library cards and others who are enrolled in or are affiliated with PCC programs and continuing education courses. Scroll down and look for the "Community Login" section.