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Anatomy & Physiology

Resources for studying human anatomy at PCC Library.

Anatomy & Physiology Resources

JoVE Core

JoVE Core Anatomy and Physiology


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Interactive Games

Practice Questions


Anatomy TV Home

Virtual Reality

Human Anatomy VR from Virtual MedicineBook a session in our VR room to explore human anatomy up close and personal with Human Anatomy VR from Virtual Medicine. Pull apart and reposition organs, bones, and other structures while making them as large as you want. Use the quiz function to test your knowledge.

The software provides 15 body systems with more than 10,000 realistic anatomical structures designed by medical professionals. Bone mapping with 5,000 bony features organized into parts, surfaces, borders, and landmarks. 

Book the room and ask for help getting set up. It's a whole new way to experience anatomy!


NOTE: If the "Book a VR Session" form does not include dates or times that work with your schedule, contact Angela Davis at to make an appointment that works for you. 


Watch this video to see how Human Anatomy VR works. The Library subscribes to the student version and does not include DICOM data or collaboration features.


3-D anatomy models are available for check out at the service desk on the first floor of the Library. You must present your picture ID and have a current library account to check out models. Models checked out from the Library are not allowed outside of the building.


anatomy models

  • animal cell
  • arm muscles
  • blood cell
  • blood circulation
  • brain
  • cardiopulmonary system, heart, and respiratory organs
  • digestive system
  • ear
  • eye
  • female pelvis bone
  • female pelvis organs
  • head (half)
  • heart
  • kidney
  • kidney section, nephrons, blood vessels, and renal corpuscle
  • leg muscles
  • lung
  • male pelvis organs
  • musculature model
  • nervous system
  • neuron cell body
  • pig
  • skeleton (whole and half; disarticulated; 35" skeleton)
  • skin / burn pathologies
  • skull
  • spinal cord
  • torso (large and small)

Library Books

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If you just want to browse the medical books on the 2nd floor bookshelves, you will want to go to these call number areas:

  • QM - Human anatomy
  • R - Medicine (General)