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Business Plan Research

Resources to help you complete your business plan.


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What is industry research? 

If you want to get a general understanding or overview of an industry, here are a few things to look for:

  • News, Trends, Forecasts or Predictions
  • Economic Indicators that Influence the Industry
  • Domestic – vs – International
  • Market Share, Financials
  • Innovations, New Products
  • Legal or Regulatory Issues
  • Technology Driven (or not)

Depending on your industry, there may be other things to consider. Talk to your small business counselor to get ideas and suggestions about what you should look for when completing your business plan.

Industry Codes

Sometimes it's easier to search for industry information when you use either the NAICS or SIC code. Use the websites listed to find the code(s) for the industry you are researching.

U.S. Government Resources


Search tips:

  • Click the Browse link to see what types of reports are available.
  • You can then click to view a list of reports.

Click Browse to view available reports.


Business Source Complete

Search tips:

  • Company Information: From the homepage of Business Source Complete, click the Company Information link. Type a company name, then click Search.
  • Industry Profiles: From the homepage of Business Source Complete, click Advanced Search. Under Publication Type, choose Industry Profile.
  • Search by NAICS Code: Change the Select a Field drop-down menu to IC NAICS Code or Description.

Business Source Complete Company Information page