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CHEM: Famous Chemists (Chukwu)

Images and Copyright

Before using an image found online, make sure you investigate any copyright restrictions or other terms of use that may pertain to the image. To be safe, it is best to start your image search with sources that include images that are in the public domain (free to use), or at least make it very clear how (or if) the individual images can be used. If you have questions about finding, using, or citing images in your project, ask a librarian!

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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Wikimedia Commons

How to Search Wikimedia

Step 1: Type the name into the search box, then click the search icon.

Wikimedia Commons Search


Step 2: From the results list, carefully review the information listed in order to make sure the image you choose is correct.

Wikimedia Results List


Step 4: Click the small thumbnail picture in order to see a full size version that you can download and use in your presentation.

Click the thumbnail images to view a full size image.

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