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CHEM: Famous Chemists (Chukwu)

Find Bios

If you are using a computer that's not on the PCC network, you will be prompted to enter your myPittCC username and password before you can search a library database.

How to Search

  • For all of the databases and websites on this page, look for the search box, type the person's name, then click search. 
  • Having trouble? Ask a librarian for help!

Databases with Biographies

HINT: Start with Biography (Gale in Context)!

Search Tip!

After you've typed the person's name in the search box and clicked the search button, you may see a list of names or just one name instead of a list of results. If there is more than one name, compare the birth and death dates with the ones on the list, and choose the correct one. Remember that there can be alternate versions of a person's name, so don't let that trip you up.

Example 1: Biography (Gale in Context)

You may get more than one person listed. Check the birth and death dates and occupation (if listed). Click the name that goes with the correct dates in order to see a list of articles, essays, etc.

Check the birth and death dates.



Example 2: Biography Reference Center

If you get a list of random names instead of a list of articles, just click the link for the correct name.

Choose the correct name from the list.