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Pitt Community College Archives

Guide for how to access and contribute to the history of Pitt Community College.

Mission Statement

The Pitt Community College Archives collects materials of permanent historical and/or cultural value generated by and for the administration, academic departments, faculty, staff, special programs, and student organizations. This includes artifacts, official records, correspondence, papers, and publications.  Through its collections, the archives promote an awareness of the diverse history and culture of PCC and our role in the community.


The Pitt Community College archives are housed in the Library located in Clifton W. Everett Building (CWE). To access the archives, please contact Evan Schmoll, at or by calling 252-493-7359.

Pitt Community College Archives Collection Development Policy


The PCC Library is seeking contributions to expand the archives collections. The archives is a continuously growing collection that serves to represent and display the proud history of Pitt Community College and serve as a reminder of our importance to Pitt County and surrounding areas. 

Please contact the Public Services Librarian if you have any of the following:

  • Original historically and culturally significant documents
  • Certificates and awards received by the college, departments, and/or individuals
  • Student, staff, and faculty publications
  • Clearly identified or identifiable images of historically or culturally significant events and people
  • Playbills, handouts, and fliers for events held at or sponsored by PCC

Donations will be reviewed by the archives staff for preservable, historical and cultural significance.