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Pitt Community College Archives

Guide for how to access and contribute to the history of Pitt Community College.

The North Carolina Digital Heritage Center

The North Carolina Digital Heritage Center scans college and high school yearbooks from North Carolina schools to add to the online yearbook collection. 

Pitt Community College Yearbooks

Digitized Yearbooks

Tarheel Technician - 1965
Tarheel Technician - 1966
Tarheel Technician - 1967
Techno - 1968
Techno - 1969
Techno - 1970
Techno - 1971
Tarheel Techno - 1972

Physical Copies

Physical copies of Pitt Community College Yearbooks can be found at the Library in the Clifton W. Everett Building (CWE). 


If you have a Pitt Community College Yearbook that you would like to donate to the PCC Library Archives, please email Evan Schmoll at or call 252-493-7359.