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PSY 241: Dating, Engagement, & Marriage Customs

Have a topic?

Computer search iconOnce you have a topic, create search phrases in order to search library databases.

Topic example:

  • I want to find information about the marriage customs of the Igbo people of Nigeria.

Search phrase example:

  • "marriage customs" AND Igbo AND Nigeria

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Search Tips & Examples

Search Examples

  • betrothal AND Judaism
  • arranged marriage AND India
  • marriage customs AND (Judaism OR Jews OR Jewish)
  • dating AND marriage AND Japanese

Search Tips

In addition to searching for dating, also try . . .

  • courtship
  • courting
  • social dating
  • mate selection
  • interpersonal relationships
  • personal relationships


In addition to searching for marriage or engagement, also try . . .

  • wedding ceremonies
  • marriage customs
  • engagement
  • betrothal
  • arranged marriage
  • child marriage
  • forced marriage


Focus on a specific ritual, rite, or ceremony:

  • handfasting
  • circumambulation
  • bundling


Focus on a specific racial, ethnic, or religious group:

  • Islam
  • Igbo
  • Navajo

Combine similar words with OR to expand your search:

  • (Mexican OR Mexico OR Hispanic OR Latino)
  • (Muslim OR Islam OR Islamic)
  • (Jew OR Jewish OR Judaism)
  • (Japan OR Japanese)
  • ("American Indian" OR "Native American" OR "Native North Americans")