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PSY 241: Dating, Engagement, & Marriage Customs

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NOTE: This does not search all of PCC Library's e-book databases.

Search Examples:

  • relationships AND dating AND Japan
  • "personal relationships" AND "Latin American"
  • marriage customs
  • marriage AND rituals AND indigenous
  • mahr AND marriage

How to Search within a Book: Ebook Central

From the search results list, click the title of the book you want to view.

Click the book title.

Click the Read Online button, to open the book so that you can view the contents.

Click the Read Online button.

In the text box labeled "Search within book," type a word or phrase. In this case, the word marriage was the search term.

Click the Search button.

Sections of the book that mention that word or phrase will be indicated by a blue bar.

Click the down arrow next to the section title to view and/or navigate to the pages that list the search word(s).

Type the word you want to search for. Click Search. Jump to pages that list your search word.

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