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PSY 241: Dating, Engagement, & Marriage Customs

Topics & Ideas

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The databases below are excellent research starters, especially if you are not quite sure about your topic. 

Read the search tips and try searching using the examples provided. 

Save time by asking a librarian to give you suggestions about where to start!

This type of research can be tricky, so just remember that we are here to help you find what you need.

Celebrating Life Customs

Set of three e-books with information about life customs from all over the world. 

Search Tips!

  • Once you've opened the ebook, click the EPUB Full Text link.
  • This format makes it much easier to search this set of books. If that doesn't work for you, try the PDF Full Text link instead.

Celebrating Life Customs ebook - choose EPUB

  • To search for a particular word, such as a country, custom, etc., click Search Within.
  • Type your search term in the box provided, then click the search button.
    • Example: handfasting
  • All of the pages throughout the three volumes of this encyclopedia that include the term handfasting are included in the list that appears under the search box.
  • Click View Page to jump to a particular page in the book that mentions your keyword.
  • The term you entered will be highlighted within the text.
  • The tools for printing, emailing, and citing are located across the top of the window.


Search within - search box and view page


Global Road Warrior

A country by country guide that includes information about customs, culture, and daily life.

Search Tip!

  • Choose a country from the list.

Global Road Warrior Homepage

  • Click Life Stages in the navigation menu.
  • Look for sections titled Dating and Courtship and Marriage.

Global Road Warrior menu: choose life stages

Gale eBooks

Includes many essays on various dating, courtship, and marriage customs from different religions and cultures.

Search Tip!

  • Type marriage in the search box.
  • Click the search button.
  • You will see a variety of essays, some that are very general and some that are specific. 
  • You can focus your results by clicking the Subjects button.
  • Check the boxes next to the topics that interest you. For example, you may want to see things related to Islam.
  • Click the Apply button to get a list of results focused on those topics.

Gale Ebook results page