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Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality (VR) is a realistic and immersive simulation of a virtual environment, experienced through interactive software and hardware.

Available Apps

We have two headsets and some apps are only available on one of the headsets. We will try to keep this list as up-to-date as possible. 

Meta Quest TV

meta quest tv app

Look for the Meta Quest TV app on the menu bar when you have the headset on. 

You will have to use your own discretion as to what is appropriate for you.

Below we have listed a couple of things that library staff have enjoyed watching. Please note that the Attenborough videos include extreme close-up views of insects, reptiles, etc. 

Launching Meta Quest TV

To open Meta Quest TV on your Meta Quest headsest:

Press menu button on your right Touch controller to bring up your universal menu.

Select app library to open your App Library.

Select TV meta quest tv icon to launch Meta Quest TV.

YouTube VR


When you are wearing the headset, go to Apps, then choose YouTubeVR. Keep in mind that many VR videos require large amounts of bandwidth and you may experience delays in loading. Below are examples of some of the videos saved to the Library's VR playlist.

For Beginners

A little more adventurous...