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COM 231: Birthday Speech Research

Use these resources to find articles published on or near your birthday.

What is in this guide?

birthday candles

Use the resources listed in this guide to begin your research. Make sure that you pay attention to the search tips and examples featured on each page. They will help make your research more successful. If you are having trouble finding sources for your assignment, ask a librarian for help.

Starting Points

These resources are available for free online.
NOTE: CCP and ECHS students using PCS Chromebooks may run into issues accessing certain websites. If you are having trouble ASK your instructor or librarian for help!

From the Internet Archive homepage, click Advanced Search

Internet Search Tips

When using Google or other search engines...

  1. Put your birthdate in quotes: "November 1, 2004"
  2. Look for an advanced search page that lets you set a custom date range or specific date. 
  3. If you can't figure out who wrote the content or they don't tell you where they found their info, skip it and go on to something else. Not sure? ASK your instructor or a librarian to help you investigate.