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Library Tutorials

All of the Library's tutorials created for public use are available on the Library Tutorials page. Graded tutorials embedded in Moodle courses can be shared with you upon request. Tutorials are time-consuming to make and because library resources change frequently, they have to be maintained and updated on a regular basis, so please keep this in mind when you are using them for grades or assignments. If you would like to request a new or updated library tutorial, please contact Angela Davis, Instruction and Web Services Librarian. 

What are Research Guides?

Biology Research Guide ScreenshotResearch guides are essentially webpages created by librarians to help students find and use library resources related to a particular assignment or topic.


  • Helps students visualize the research process.
  • Lists relevant and appropriate resources in one location.
  • Includes search tips, tutorials, librarian contact info, etc.

Do I need a guide?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I requiring students find outside sources on their own?
  • Am I consistently disappointed in the quality of sources students use to complete assignments?
  • Would having a guide cut down on time you spend answering student questions about how to find resources?

If you answered yes, to any (or all of these), a research guide would help both you and your students. The key is making sure that you tell them about the purpose of the guide and how you want them to use it. A librarian can help with this too. Guides tied to assignments and library instruction have the most impact!

Link to a Guide

You can link to any guide without permission. However, to make sure that the guide you want to use is in tip-top shape, let us know that you are using it. If there is not a guide that suits your needs, we can create one for you.

Interactive Tutorials

Ask about having an H5P interactive tutorial created to go along with your class research guide or as a stand-alone activity to teach a particular concept such as plagiarism, how to search a particular database, evaluate websites, etc.

H5P Examples:

These types of tutorials are easily embedded in Moodle and can be included as graded assignments.