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Faculty & Staff Library Tools

Library "Labels" in Moodle

Add targeted Library information and resources to your courses to help ensure that your students are successful with their research projects. A librarian can help you customize the examples below to more closely match your learning outcomes.

Moodle Labels

The library blocks below were created in Moodle by using the following steps:

  1. Click Create Learning Activity
  2. Choose the Resources tab
  3. Click Label
  4. Add the information you want students to access. 

Label Example #1

Custom research guide, library links, and logo

Research Help Block


Label Example #2

Library links and logo [Generic]

Library Resource

Label Example #3

Librarian chat box

Chat Block

Popular Links

These links consistently rank as the most used links on the Library homepage. Please feel free to link to any Library content that may enhance your courses. If you link directly to Library databases and content within those databases, make sure you have read and understand the information on the Database Linking page on this guide.

Research Guide Links

You can link to any Research Guide (LibGuide) that might be appropriate for your students. Customized guides and tutorials can be created for your courses and assignments upon request.


Course Guides


Subject Guides


How To Guides


Services & Resources Guides

Library Link in Moodle

There is a link to the Library's homepage in Moodle, but you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to find it. If you want students to find the Library page, we suggest adding appropriate links at key areas in your course. A librarian can help you with this!

The link for the Library is in the column titled "Links for Students"