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OER: Open Educational Resources

Search Strategy

Abbey Elder, from Iowa State University Library, has created a video introduction on how to find and evaluate OER. She provides a three step framework to help guide your search and then goes briefly into how to evaluate what you've found. If this is your first time searching for OER, she offers some great tips to keep in mind. As always, you can contact us here at PCC Library if you need help with your OER search! 

"How to Find and Evaluate OER" by Abbey Elder is licensed under a CC BY 4.0 International license.

Tips for Getting Started

Collaborate with Colleagues

  • Instructors, Librarians, Online Teaching and Learning Office, Distance Learning

Search Recognized Repositories

  • Don't reinvent the wheel. Explore what already exists.

Investigate Licensing and Accessibility

  • Can you use it? Are you willing to share?

  • Is it accessible? Does it meet WCAG 2.0, etc.?

Determine Evaluation Criteria

  • What standards are used for your current textbooks, materials, etc.?

  • Is there a checklist that already exists? If not, should there be?

  • Who has the final authority to decide if it's used?

Adapted from OER Toolkit: Curating - CC License