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The Paranormal

This Research Guide outlines information about topics relevant to the field of the paranormal, supernatural, and unexplained.

Find Sources

The Internet offers a wide variety of information. Carefully choosing and using Internet resources can be very beneficial to your research.

Why Use Websites?

Be aware that information on the internet is not regulated for quality or accuracy, so it is important for you to evaluate the source. Try the evaluation criteria under Evaluating Information to decide when you can use information.

Suggested Websites for The Paranormal:

Since 2002, AAPI has been a non-profit paranormal assembly devoted to research and documentation of paranormal phenomena. We believe that paranormal researchers should strive to work together to find answers and compelling evidence. As such we consider ourselves as simply fellow associates and peers in the field, and therefore AAPI does not consider itself a typical paranormal or ghost hunting group in that we maintain no formal membership.

Collection of haunted history, books, tours, podcasts, events, and more.

The Ghost Research Society was formed as a clearing house for reports of ghosts, hauntings, poltergeist and life after death encounters. The society members actively research and investigate all reports that come their way including private homes and businesses. The society also analyzes alleged spirit photographs, video and audio tapes that they come across from ordinary people or society members.

The magazine for science and reason. The modern skeptical movement is a grassroots phenomenon that aims at helping the public navigate the complex borderlands between sense and nonsense, science and pseudoscience. Skepticism does so by way of investigation of alleged extraordinary phenomena, mindful cultivation of critical thinking, and an honest attitude toward intellectual inquiry.

Local Groups

Eastern Carolina Paranormal Research Association - Eastern Carolina Paranormal Society is a not-for-profit organization serving the Eastern Carolina area.

The Ghost Guild, Inc. - Ghost Guild, Inc. is a registered non-profit organization composed of professional, dependable, and committed individuals with a love for history, science, and the unexplained. We seek locations of cultural and historical significance. Our investigations are science-based, meaning that we observe and gather data, form hypotheses, and imagine possible solutions to explain those observations before starting our experiments. It is especially important to us that we educate our audiences on the history we’ve uncovered, the science we’ve utilized, and the data we’ve documented. We don’t label things as ‘evidence’ when we share our data; we always ask our audience to make their own conclusions. For us, it is simply a mystery that remains to be solved." When history speaks, we listen.

National Society of Paranormal Investigation and Research Inc. - NSPIR Is dedicated to investigating and researching paranormal claims thoroughly and scientifically.

Off-Campus Access

Paw: Indicates that a password is needed to access the resource from off campus.The username and password to access databases from off campus is similar to what you use to access the PCC campus portal (myPittCC) and Moodle. For the username, use the first part of your myPittCC email address only. DO NOT include The password is exactly the same as what you use to log in to the campus portal. Generic logins are available to community residents with PCC library cards, and others who are enrolled in or are affiliated with PCC programs and continuing education courses.