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The Paranormal

This Research Guide outlines information about topics relevant to the field of the paranormal, supernatural, and unexplained.

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Guide to Paranormal and Supernatural Research

Use the resources in this guide to find library resources, such as articles, books, and videos, on topics related to the paranormal and supernatural. Make sure that you pay attention to the search tips and examples provided on each page. They will help make your research more successful. If you are having trouble finding sources for your assignment, ask a librarian for help.

What is The Paranormal?

The term paranormal refers to a group of beliefs and phenomena that are rejected by mainstream science, including such topics as unidentified flying objects, psychic abilities, and ghosts. Many paranormal topics concern ideas that are commonly considered to be in the sphere of religious doctrine, such as miracles, the afterlife, or the existence of spirit entities -- from The SAGE Encyclopedia of the Sociology of Religion.

Library Books about The Paranormal

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