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Country Information

Starting Points

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Global Road Warrior, The World Factbook, and Credo Reference are excellent starting points when trying to learn more about a country. These resources provide lots of background information about a country's culture, religion, economy, demographics, language(s), and much more.

Global Road Warrior

How to use Global Road Warrior

Choose a country from the list provided, or by clicking the country on the global map.

Choose a country from the list


From the country page, use the menu options on the left side of the screen.

Choose a topic

How to Cite

At the very bottom of the side navigation menu for each country, look for CITE THIS DOCUMENT.

Cite this document button

World Factbook

How to use The World Factbook

From The World Factbook homepage, choose Countries from the top menu.

World Factbook: Choose Countries

Once you've opened a country page, scroll down and look for menu options that will help you learn more about the country.

World Factbook side menu with topics

Credo Reference

How to use Credo Reference

Start by typing the name of a country into the search box. Explore the list of encyclopedia articles.

Credo Tunisia search results page